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Giving New Life to Lifesaving Equipment

"Our group of hospitals has used Medivets for several years. In addition to great repair work, they have shown us important ways to do preventive maintenance. By working with our technicians, equipment runs better, runs longer, and replacement cost is reduced. We value our partnership with Medivets because they treat our staff with respect and create trust and friendships. Thanks!"

Ray, Regional Operations Director for VCA Hospitals

"Medi-VETS is a company we have used and relied upon for our anesthesia maintenance and equipment repairs for the last 6 years. We have been very satisfied with their professional knowledge and service! I would HIGHLY recommend them for anesthesia machines and other equipment maintenance and calibration."

Dr William L Bryant,
Chief of Medicine @ CT Humane Society

About Us


Medi-VETS services medical and veterinary equipment throughout most of New England and parts of NY. We thoroughly clean, recondition, repair, test, and recertify your equipment so that you are in compliance with OSHA, AAHA, JCAHO and manufacturer safety guidelines.

Medi-VETS can also offer customized full facility preventive maintenance programs to keep all of your equipment running up to its full potential — autoclaves, dental machines, microscopes, centrifuges, and more.

With over 25 years of service and 100+ years of combined experience, our technicians have established an excellent reputation for quality service and workmanship.

We specialize in anesthesia machine and vaporizer reconditioning and recertification/calibration. We also provide full service for autoclaves, dental machines, microscopes, centrifuges, and more.

Our history comes from electrical engineering, biomedical electro/mechanical, and clinical education—25 years of experience in HUMAN life support, hi-tech, and anesthesia.



240 Barber Ave, Suite 77 
Worcester, MA 01606


Toll Free:866.844.5500


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